Rewards and goals launched -- kick tires please! #newfeatures


Thanks to everyone who helped shape up the tiers/rewards feature by participating in the poll and giving your feedback -- I'm happy to relay that this feature is now live along with another related but different opportunity (it's a twofer!) to set "Goals" against your overall total funding amount. Whereas rewards represent fun exclusive things you'll do individually for each supporter at that level, Goals are more "big picture" stuff like "once I hit $100 a month, I'll pay a contributor to write a new column" territory -- sky's the limit really, and please feel encouraged to experiment wildly; but my hunch is that Goals that will tend to work best will be those that represent a "reinvestment" in your brand/business. It's a way to show supporters your plans for improving their experience as a direct result of contributing to you.

Rewards can be a little more personal and even ephemeral -- "for $5/mo I'll send you a special Snapchat each month" -- or they can represent access to something specific (your Slack channel, your VIP-only newsletter, reserved front row seats at your next gig or event, etc.); but both Goals and Rewards help you get more concretely in the direction of offering a more explicit Value Exchange worth plunking down support dollars for, as well as a way to keep supporters engaged with you in your creative mission.

Please dive in when you get a chance and let us know if you have any questions, issues, wishlist improvements, or interesting ideas for unique Goals and/or Rewards to share so we can all learn from each others' brainmeats and experiences...!

Thanks all!!