New WYSIWYG for message posting with image uploads and social embeds #newfeatures


Hey folks!

I come bearing good news -- we've totally rebuilt our message posting engine from the ground up and launched a new WYSIWYG publishing tool. For those of you long-timers (Recurrency O.G. inna house!), you may remember we started out with an "all Markdown" tool and shifted over to a "less technical jargon required" posting tool that unfortunately lacked much multimedia capability to add images or display media inline -- and the new Message tool solves both of those issues.

When you go to create a new Message on Recurrency (which I would encourage you to take a few minutes and kick the tires if you can), you can still highlight text and add formatting or links from the pop-up element as before, but there's a new plus sign "+" button that appears after the cursor that lets you do the following things when clicked:

  • Upload an image
  • Paste a link to a Youtube or Vimeo video and have it render inline in your message
  • Paste a link to a Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram object (tweet, photo, profile, etc.) and have that display properly inline
  • Paste a raw HTML link to an image file hosted elsewhere and have it display inline in your message

There are 3 icons that appear when you click the plus sign that govern your selections -- here's a cheatsheet:

Please give it a whirl and let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions -- one of the easiest ways to keep a decent pace with sharing some updates regularly is to think about "what kind of in progress work or 'behind the scenes' sneak peeks can I share with my fans?" It's light lifting for you because you're already working on creating it (i.e. don't need to whip up Something Special each time specifically for Recurrency), and you can vary the sharing between Public (can be seen by everyone in the All News feed) as a means to promote what you're doing and garner some more support from other Recurrency members, & Private (goes to your supporters only) messages as a means of keeping the supporters you already have feeling engaged. 

Beyond the "feel good" factor of supporting you, supporters are mostly looking for Access and Exclusive Experiences as a value exchange for continuing to support you -- if you're willing to give them a little bit of "backstage access" as it were, it keeps them feeling extra special and starts to create that virtuous circle loop where they want to check back again soon and find out more about what you're working on. Since often these are your core, most engaged fans already, they may also be able to provide some valuable feedback to take into consideration (...or with a grain of salt, depending! :)), which keeps that virtuous circle humming because you're getting new value out of this relationship also (in addition to the straight up actual dollah dollah bills y'all. Money isn't everything... but by gum we still want some by which to keep Creating More Things!)

Thanks everyone -- feel free to just reply here with any feedback, or email us directly at creators-team@... (as always!)