Manifesto #meta


Those of us who are Valley or Valley-connected may (or not) take our vocations for granted; but, trust me, the digital divide is still substantial.

Why do I say this? Here's why:

Most of you know, by now, that I'm ultra gung-ho about Recurrency - reason being that I represent the Tech Creative who was definitely more prominent during 1.0 - we haven't had a decent platform since Myspace!

Obviously 2-3.0 is more about their paper/$, and that's cool, but culture/kulcha outlasts paper at the end of the day (even the biggest billionaires are fans of some dead guitar god, horn player, rapper, or diva).

For me, it's the reverse - I'm an Artist who will always be a fan of some dead web mogul, hacker, or angel. Why? Because they're the mavericks of this digital world I inhabit.

Recurrency is a great opportunity for Creative Artists & Tech Mavericks to(/gether) finally/authentically fuse our mutual Utopianism and put a real dent in shit. Let's Go!