How to forward a percentage of your Recurrency earnings to a cause or other creator #howto


One of the cooler but "not as visible as we'd like it to be" features of Recurrency is the ability to forward a percentage of what you're earning to another creator, cause, or organization you wish to support or help fundraise for -- I posted a little guide to how to do this and will add it to the wiki for reference as well:

When you invoke this, a new box appears in your profile sidebar indicating that you're sharing a portion of your donations:

For now it's a handy way to leverage your fanbase to support a cause (or perhaps "sharing in kind" to your favorite up and coming artists in your genre), but we're thinking of adding the ability to do "regifting" more atomically such that you could forward individual incoming gifts to specific creators or orgs. If anyone has thoughts or feelings on that either way, feel free to weigh in on this thread... (or other wishlist items for "Paying It Forward," by all means)