I was just thinking it would be pretty cool to be able to find other creators in a similar niche as oneself and build working relationships, networking if you will. As an example I found out about a company called Loot Crate. I made it a point to find out all I could about them and see if there was a way that there company and our could work together and achieve successes together. Upon completing my research I contacted them and we are now in negotiations of a deal that could help us financially, with traffic, benefit our subscribers and for them increase sales as a whole.

New creators may not know how to go about doing what I dd in the paragraph above, that said while I understand Recurrency is about generating funds for creatiors I also feel like it could easily reach a whole new level with B2B networking. Im not talking about some sort of chat client or even a forum per say. More like a listing that tells other creators that hey this is what I do and this is what I am looking for kind of thing. From that listing people could then say  'Oh, there is WarCraft Press a gaming news site" and "I make energy drinks that would be a great pairing wonder if they would be interested in working with us?"  It would kind of be a business introduction of sorts. Im not even sure how it would be implemented at this point I was just thinking it would be great if we could connect with other creators and work together. And Bruce Lee said it best "If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them."

 I look forward to hearing the feedback on this one.


I love the concept -- and to some (very) small degree, this inner circle is sort of intended to be (or become, as we add more engaged members) the so-called MVP / Minimum Viable Product for that kind of networking. We're obviously not there yet -- but the sort of "inner circle LinkedIn" effect that helps folks connect with like-minded other creators and businesses is something I'd love for us to be able to provide more of (but even LinkedIn itself lacks a lot of formal tools around *actually* putting people together -- it's still all DIY at the tactical level. So there's a big general "problem for someone to solve" hanging out there for sure).

There's also the challenge for us to remain focused in the face of boiling a proverbial ocean, so to speak, and I feel like one of the struggles we're having perhaps even more pressingly is "How can we help you get more Supporters?" Is it a matter of getting out in front of more of them more often (promotion, mailing lists, engagement), or convincing more of the fence-sitters / "thinking about it" folks to take the leap, or in getting more fans in the first place (who might later become supporters) -- i.e. the marketing angle, or is it more about giving you more tools to offer more value to supporters in the first place? Like, beyond the "feel good" effect of contributing to you and your growth, how else can we provide tangible benefits or access that makes the "why" of supporting you more self-evident?

Would love your thoughts on that front (and whether or not you're hearing any feedback from fans on why they would / wouldn't want to support) -- and absolutely eager for anyone else's thoughts along the same vein if the spirit moves you...

Thanks Richard!! Really good food for thought.



I want to first apologize for the delay in my response to this post. I am switching hosting and anyway just been crazy mad busy worse than a dog on antifreeze. So I wanted to let you know I agree with the points you made about LinkedIn's inner circle and lack of tools to help make this connection that "we" as creators need to help us build a better service, product or whatever the case may be.  Furthermore, I also agree that  we are challenged in remaining focused on the purpose of Recurrency. and to be honest I was hesitant on even suggesting such an idea, but I also know that an idea not given is a door to possibilities not opened!

That said I do feel like being a creator is more than just raising money for projects and ideas, its about working together and making dreams a reality. As a creator myself  I feel like there are several sites like Patreon, gofundme, and Kickstarter that have failed to make that connection  or realization. I think this is a phenomenal opportunity for Recurrency to set themselves apart from the competition. By being more than just a funding site, being a site that actually cares about its creators!

In terms of getting more supporters I am not an expert at that Im learning as I go for my own adventure and every day gives me a new lesson. I do think there is a way for Recurrency to utilize the current supporters and this may be a bit out in left field, but we all know mailing lists are the key to any business consistently getting in front of people. Utilize the Recurrency emailing lists. Offer a promotion of some sort for referrals to your lists for a supporting referral. An example and again this is just off the top of my head as I am sitting here writing this post, but lets use me as the creator for example. You send me an email because I am a creator, and in the email it has a custom link that allows Recurrency to track any visitors to the site via that link, When someone lands on the site via this referral link offer the supporter some sort of reward for supporting the Recurrency creators. One possibility would be something like if the supporter donates $100 to a creator per month or more you will add 5% to it on their behalf in the first month. Yes I understand that eats into the profit margin for Recurrency but now you just set your self up to get that 5% back every month until the subscription or donation is canceled. Besides its just an example sine you guys know the ins and outs of Recurrecny and I don't I'm sure you can come up with something better and there has to be a reason for people to support out of the box ideas and creators, so the trick is to find what motivates supporters!.

In closing I want to pass on some awesome news about WarCraft Press. This morning checking my stats on I found out that our website is in the top 1% of websites ranked for their traffic! In the last 2 months since we went live we have increased our traffic rank by more than 10 million positions according to I also want to point out that the website has gone from me paying for everything out of pocket to the site being able to pay for itself in terms of hosting, domain registration and such, but we have a long way to go to help pay for the team at and we owe the achievements in large part to Recurrency, so I thank you for making Recurrency a reality and for inviting me to be a part of something that I believe will be HUGE!