Coming soon: improvements to Message posting #upcoming


Hey y'all -- quick update on "what's up with Messages" because we inadvertently caused some frustration last week with a change we made to the Recurrency posting tool that we didn't communicate very well (apologies!!):

In the beginning, there was Markdown. And then Barb said unto them developers, "Behold, for there is creator demand for a WYSIWYG option and a way to preview thy posts." And lo did the devs strike down the lowly Markdown functionality and uphold the lofty WYSIWYG, but it was swaddled in the identical clothing of the text box which came before. And yea though it suffered from a lack of documentation.

Long story short

  1. We will expose the "toolbar" to the top of the New Message text box that one naturally expects to signal that you're in a WYSIWYG environment (right now you can only invoke it if you select some text first, which you are especially unlikely to do if you're expecting Markdown behavior) -- timeline: ASAP
  2. We will also reinstate the Markdown functionality and build in a toggle so you can choose between .MD and Rich Text/WYSIWYG, then set a preference to remember your choice for next time (but you can still switch back and forth anytime you like) -- timeline: later this week or top of next (let us know if this is a huge pain point & I can advocate to move this up the priority stack even further)

Coming soon

  • A way to preview your posts before you publish them
  • An "About" section for your profile to supplement "beyond the bio" information, where you can give prospective supporters more context about "what you'll be doing in this space" and why they should support you -- and editing this section + your bio + Messages will all work the same way with a toggle to set your preference for Markdown or WYSIWYG as you see fit
  • A way to upload images via the WYSIWYG (right now that's completely absent, but when we kick Markdown back in you'll be able to "hot link" them as before)

How to make a friggin' link in your post, right now

Highlight the text you want the link to be on and the hidden toolbar magically appears floating above your cursor: then click the hashtag symbol (#) to paste your link.

Thanks everyone!!


OK whew :) Trying adding a link now!


Thanks Victor! And in so doing you discovered a feature we just rolled out, which is the ability to "pin" a message to the top of your profile (for an important upcoming event, notice you want everyone to see, an interim "about" section for what you're doing in this space, etc.) -- there's a checkbox at the bottom of the New Message screen when you compose one and the result looks like this:

We're going to be focusing some more fire on better documentation of existing and new features in the coming weeks -- some of which will warrant Message updates and others to live in the Wiki area which is a bit haphazard at the moment but also has some infobits perhaps worth taking a look at (or contributing your own... "power of the wiki" and all) as we get it curated / gardened into a more useful state. (And if anyone has requests on bits that are specifically unclear, let us know...)