Belatedly, why I'm in this nutshell #introductions


Thanks to Judith for reminding me that "join in on #introductions thread" has been on my todo list since time immemorial -- believe Nixon was still president (which no one wants to remember, hence "immemorial"). And for those of you on Digest View, I'm doing you the favor of sneaking in here on her coattails...

I'm also going to be cheeky and cite This Thing by way of dogfooding and a totally subtle reminder About the About Page feature -- with the following TL;DR version: I've Created Some Stuff, then took a rather long and unexpected detour through the corporate version of what Creating Stuff looks like (mostly like this), and have recently escaped back into the wild and wooly world of startups to gather the shreds of my dignity, recover from the PTSD, and maybe make a thing or two that is blissfully unaware of the term "CPM." But most importantly -- to make *this thing* which is Recurrency which is a platform practicing the non-duality between "helping to make a living doing what one loves" and "a support group for reminding each other that 'success' isn't always -- or even usually -- about financial achievement" and that, perhaps, counterintuitively, along the way of pursuing one's dreams and hewing to a values-driven path that runs deeper than accruing material goods and accolades from gatekeepers, one may in fact attract the very kind of "practical" success one requires to keep the fires of creative inspiration burning. Also to remember how to write sentences that are not overwrought run-on diatribes about the triumph of creativity over bureaucracy.

And to that end -- there's no need to be formal here or worry that this is Precious Space -- come as you are, drink our liquor (wait, who was doing the beer run... Gray? or just send out one of those fancy Silicon Valley "we deliver it so you don't have to ever unplug from the Matrix" services), say hello, don't say hello 'cuz you're friggin' busy as we all are, ask for help, offer some help, be a fly on the wall, whatever floats your boat. Hope to hear from you, or hear about you and the awesome stuff you do (and if we can help!), as interest and availability affords.

Yours in Re-rediscovering the Artist's Way,