Ask questions; share things; break stuff -- & other recent highlights on Recurrency #tips


Noticed and wanted to share (and give kudos to!) a few recent posts / experiments of note:

  • Kartooner -- working on a children's book as a new exciting adventure and sharing some sneak peeks along the way: love love love this. my hunch is supporters will too (and the teasing or dangling of such acts as incentive for the idle member passing by to plunk down those hard-earned dollars in exchange for a slice of inspiration and exclusivity)
  • Bill Arceneaux -- the simple art of asking! (well, seemingly simple anyway... just ask Amanda Palmer) Also an example of workshopping at its finest: "hey, there's an idea brewing inside, struggling to come out! and it just needs a village / fellowship / amiable gang of like-minded souls to help it along..." (anyone with better superhero-fu than i -- please, i beg of you -- weigh in accordingly! (hey babe, it needs a name...))
  • Anna Washenko -- consider this also a guerrilla introduction to our little merry band of pranksters in as its newest member: after years of successful freelance writerly lifestyle (which nonetheless continues apace) Anna is making the leap into webcomic territory with Dog and Bird -- a humorously illustrated look at how interspecies friendship may just secretly hold a lot of the keys to getting along with each other on this rock we call home... congrats on the launch! Looking forward to new strips :)

It can be hard in this day and age to be (or admit to being) all Kumbaya with excitement about a "community of interest" but i daresay i, for one, would welcome our new unpretentious overlords who have the audacity to be vulnerable and humble and give credit generously vs. hoarding it as a matter of Gaining Advantage and Accruing Accolades: which is my as per usual TL;DR way of unsimply asking that if you felt a twingle in the positive direction upon witnessing the works so mentioned, please do share the love with your cohort! Or tribe, or krew, or diaspora, or whatever terminology you identify with and whoever's flagpole you think such things might runneth up...

Thanks all!!



Hi all! Thanks to our fearless leader for the kind intro. :) I'm looking forward to hearing more about what y'all are working on and doing in the world of cool creative people online. Cheers!