A few shiny things: RSS sidebar modules, Website URL, and About page #newfeatures


Greetings and TGIF, y'all! A few quick thangs of note we've launched recently:

  1. RSS module -- displays the latest 10 headlines from a feed of your choice. Activate this from your Settings page, where there's a spot to drop the RSS URL as well as a field for modifying the header label appearing at the top of the box. Here's an example in action from David, who added his latest podcasts to the sidebar.
  2. Website URL -- Simple and long overdue, this is a way to add your blog URL or other homepage / destination of your choice; it shows up beneath your bio and before your social network links. This one's also in the Settings area, just above the 2 RSS fields I mentioned above -- and like that feature you can also change the text label associated with the link.
  3. About page -- You've been squished into that tiny little bio box for a while now, but now there's room to roam! Find this one at the bottom of your Settings page, and it'll add an "About [Yourname]" link to the right of your Website URL link beneath your bio. When clicked, it'll display your About page -- a great place to provide more context on what you're up to, what you plan to do in this space, etc.

Features on deck:

  • WYSIWYG improvements and Markdown toggle
  • A simple way to email all your Supporters
  • A way to upload a new avatar for your profile

Thanks everyone, as always -- if you have any questions about the above features or wishlist items to request, don't ever hesitate to reach out. Here in this space is always good, and feel free to come join us in Slack and shoot some chat as well.

Happy weekend!!


P.S. If you still haven't hooked up a Stripe account yet, please do -- it's easy, and you can't actually start accepting any donations without completing this step, so also pretty critical!