happy to be here / hopeful to hear from you too / with this here haiku ... #introductions


greetings fellow creators! 

I’m judith meskill, a consulting member of the creator team here at my current locale places me in the northeastern part of the company, working in a pastoral setting in the hills of new jersey. prior to this gig, i was the coo of, the coo of crowd fusion (now, the social media officer of (a j&j company), and the coo of (now

as an avid social networking practitioner, i am constantly investigating "what works" and "what doesn't work" in the evolving world of online social and knowledge building practices and tools. as a speaker, workshop leader, and team coach i guide organizations in the creation of internet communities and learning systems.

like mike, i’m looking forward to hearing what everyone has to share here.

please drop in and introduce yourself! hashtag #introductions at the end of your subject line helps to organize your message.