Microphone check, 1 2 1 2 #meta


Hey folks!

Just wanted to say a quick hello and thanks for joining us in the Recurrency "Inner Circle" club (we're still working on the Official Secret Handshake and signature cocktail, stay tuned...). We aim to make this a useful space to share information, tips and tricks, trials and tribulations not just on the "Recurrency and how we can help" front but along the creator journey / building a business and brand path more generally.

Also want to be respectful of everyone's time (and undoubtedly jam-packed inboxes already) and I don't expect this list / group will be super high volume -- but if you ever need to "ratchet down" the emails, you can do so via the Subscription menu options:

There's a daily digest option, "special notices only," or you can turn off email notifications altogether and just drop by the group when you want to check in, ask a question, add or refer to a resource in the wiki, etc. We'll keep the Special Notices to a minimum and reserve them for product release information and mission critical announcements.

Thanks again and looking forward to canoodling with you all!