Welcome from Mike Gray #introductions


Hi! I’m Mike Gray, a member of the creator team at Recurrency. I represent the Appalachian part of the company, working from a cabin in the mountains of Maryland, about an hour and a half from Washington, D.C. Before here, I was part of PenFed (a credit union), Tecca (a tech site), WoW Insider, and a few other tech startups. I’m one of the digital nomads you hear so much about.

By vocation, I’m a marketer and writer, though I’ve been on both sides of the business process and sales coin. By avocation, I’ll be launching my new serial series (Throgg & Swift) based on characters I developed (um, elsewhere) any second now. I’m sure you all know how that goes.

I’m looking forward to hearing what everyone has to share here. I think we can do great things.

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Microphone check, 1 2 1 2 #meta


Hey folks!

Just wanted to say a quick hello and thanks for joining us in the Recurrency "Inner Circle" club (we're still working on the Official Secret Handshake and signature cocktail, stay tuned...). We aim to make this a useful space to share information, tips and tricks, trials and tribulations not just on the "Recurrency and how we can help" front but along the creator journey / building a business and brand path more generally.

Also want to be respectful of everyone's time (and undoubtedly jam-packed inboxes already) and I don't expect this list / group will be super high volume -- but if you ever need to "ratchet down" the emails, you can do so via the Subscription menu options:

There's a daily digest option, "special notices only," or you can turn off email notifications altogether and just drop by the group when you want to check in, ask a question, add or refer to a resource in the wiki, etc. We'll keep the Special Notices to a minimum and reserve them for product release information and mission critical announcements.

Thanks again and looking forward to canoodling with you all!


Badges version 1 released #newfeatures


Our v.1 of donation badges for embedding on your site, Tumblr, blog, etc. are out -- for now you have 2 ways to customize them:

  1. Light (white) or dark (red)
  2. "Support me" or "Support us" terminology

You can access these from the main dropdown menu at the upper right -- there's a new option for Badges that will take you to this page where you can toggle those 2 options and copy the embed code:

Coming next:

  • more customization options: most notably by size for including at the ends of blog posts, in banner-like areas vs. sidebars, etc. (what else is important to you that we customize -- let us know!)
  • data display: # of supporters, $ per week, etc.
  • exploring option to allow fans to "donate inline" -- i.e.right from the badge without having to leave wherever it's embedded. Let us know if that's something that interests you...

Feedback requested:

  • Anyone have trouble with using the badges because their platform strips out <script> tags? Let us know...
  • Requests for additional / alternative badge language
  • Requests for specific sizes or aspect ratios


How to forward a percentage of your Recurrency earnings to a cause or other creator #howto


One of the cooler but "not as visible as we'd like it to be" features of Recurrency is the ability to forward a percentage of what you're earning to another creator, cause, or organization you wish to support or help fundraise for -- I posted a little guide to how to do this and will add it to the wiki for reference as well:

When you invoke this, a new box appears in your profile sidebar indicating that you're sharing a portion of your donations:

For now it's a handy way to leverage your fanbase to support a cause (or perhaps "sharing in kind" to your favorite up and coming artists in your genre), but we're thinking of adding the ability to do "regifting" more atomically such that you could forward individual incoming gifts to specific creators or orgs. If anyone has thoughts or feelings on that either way, feel free to weigh in on this thread... (or other wishlist items for "Paying It Forward," by all means)