Re: Recurrency for Writers: a brief features wishlist poll #polls


thank you sir!! always nice to be noticed and -- even better, rarer -- appreciated. To have the vibe you're throwing down motivate a "hear hear!" It is my goal to have Recurrency be a place where that occurrence is far less rare -- where the expectation is support and camaraderie instead of what we've unfortunately been trained to expect by social media and the slow, sad dwindling embers of the once mighty and unabashedly naive Blog Era, which is vitriol and unabashed opportunism. 

as such we daily doggedly pursue the ever exasperating Catch-22 of building the community that makes the community attractive to all the like-minded souls who ought to be in the community (but don't know it yet) so the community continues to grow and create ever more value to its intrepid members -- none more intrepid than all of you O.G.'s here in the heady days of Starting The Party which often involves a lot of awkward wallflowering and quiet binge-drinking in the corner with which to work up the nerve to go talk to that other cool-looking person across the room having identical thoughts redolent with the smell of The Petrifying Fear of New Things.

Thank you!! We shall overcome!! (...& that which we shall overcome is the bureaucratic perversion of creative fire that is the world's worst kept conspiracy making unwitting accomplices out of too damn many of us #cliffnotes)

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