Re: Recurrency for Writers: a brief features wishlist poll #polls


Awesome -- there is a workaround for this at the moment, which is to head to your "My Messages" tab from the screen you hit upon login:

my messages tab

But there's a bug i just ticketed that removes the 3-tabbed nav bar from view once you hit My Messages which, for one thing isn't a terribly intuitive way to get at the list of Messages you've posted, and for another isn't a collapsed view of your posts so requires scrolling as well. There's an "Edit" button at the lower left of each post:

edit dat rite heer

We want to morph this "My Messages" tab into a post list screen for you on the back end by which to edit posts a lot more efficiently. We've been thinking (constantly) about ways to make promoting yourselves and your Recurrency profiles and works via social media easier and more fun, as a means of growing your fan base as well as your Recurrency income (& welcome suggestions, always) -- and one idea is to make this post list area more "alerts-based" with some sort of sensible-yet-not-Orwellian level of reminders and helpful hints about interacting with your fans and keeping your most engaged audience even more delighted. Something akin to (feedback welcome):

posting hints nudges alerts

Can't be too noisy either, obviously. Would you want to be reminded or prompted to post and if so, what kind of prompts would you want, how frequently, and how to control / settings desired? Any thoughts welcome... <3

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