Recurrency for Writers: a brief features wishlist poll #polls


Howdy folks! We've been focusing some fire on making Recurrency a better tool for writers specifically, starting with our recent WYSIWYG improvements and motoring on into the following upcoming updates:

  1. Post titles
  2. Post slug / URL editing
  3. Post scheduling
  4. Post list screen -- back end view of all the Messages you've done previously
  5. Post preview -- see how it will look before it's live

Right now the scheduling feature is slated to act as a workaround for "Save a draft" -- schedule it far in the future to act as a stand-in for "True Draft" -- so for those of you who only have 30 seconds, please weigh in quickly on how important a proper Draft mode is to you. For any of you who have a few short minutes to spare, here's a more granular way to weigh in with your preferences on both desired CMS improvements and Recurrency featureset overall: please feel free to share this link with any other writers you may know (whether they are on Recurrency or not) who might be at all interested in shaping the platform to their needs:

Recurrency Writer's Poll

P.S. You don't have to be a Writer with a capital W to lend us your preferences -- creators in any genre/medium who want to weigh in on Recurrency as a vehicle to help share and publish Awesome Stuff in All Forms should by all means jump in! Thanks all!

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