Re: Important creator withdrawal system update: How to connect to Stripe and receive your funds! #newfeatures


Just a quick related update that the ability to set a minimum support threshold is live in your Settings area:

Also a note about payment schedules once you connect Stripe: any new incoming gifts will push through to you right away. For those of you who have been accruing gifts already, we're going to be pushing the "back balance" through as a one-time transfer in the coming days. The proverbial "last call" for this will be on May 1 when we clear out all of the remaining funds from the pre-monthly era so we can "close the books" on the weekly gifts that were given -- there are some TL;DR regulatory reasons we can't "sit on" the money indefinitely (and some TL;DR pedantic reasons i need to "scare quotes" so frequently) and of course we would love to avoid any scenario in which we have to refund gifts back to supporters (i.e. please let us know if you aren't able to connect Stripe or won't be able to by May 1 for whatever reason).

Thanks everyone!! <3

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