Re: Intro.. #introductions


Awesome, psyched to have you here Kahlil! Welcome to the monkey house... :) And thanks for holding down the Mid-Coast -- I know this bunch is "complicated" geographically (which is great!) including Anna Washenko who once reprazented Chicago but now hails from LA by way of NY; whereas i who now join her in LA-LA-Land as of 3 days ago come by way of Oakland via LA (the 1st time...) via upstate NY, where Erik Sagen currently calls home... Emily is entrusted with keeping SF on its toes in my absence, and Mr. Gray operates the Recurrency Appalachia branch office!

Then there's all the geography i don't know about yet -- and the curious discussion with Emily recently about how the internet seems to have exacerbated our collective Explorer Mentality to the point where i kind of feel at home everywhere and yet nowhere; I'm grateful for the chance to travel frequently and keep up with far-flung friends, but it also somehow feels harder to grasp onto a sense of local place and community. There's an "east vs. west" thing here in LA as there was in the Bay area I just left -- where the jokingly almost true sense is that some people would think nothing of popping over to Manhattan from SF to see friends for the weekend, but would literally cringe in disgust at the thought of taking a BART ride over to the East Bay 20 minutes away (same thing with the subset of Santa monica / Venice residents who "refuse to go east of the 405"). The placelessness of the web carries the allure of togetherness in a way that paradoxically seems to undercut actual togetherness with the often mundane business of building communities and living together fairly and peaceably...

Anywho -- that was a TL;DR philosophically meandering way of welcoming you to the krew, Kahlil! ;) Look forward to working with you -- let us know if there's anything we can do to help :)

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