Re: A word (...ok, several) about providing "Value Exchange" to supporters #tips


Dropping in with a couple of related notes:

  1. the video playback bug is now fixed -- please let us know if anyone runs into any other oddities with video playback but otherwise, GAME ON!
  2. the "show more" link no longer appears on "permalink" pages, i.e. the URL that displays just the Message and not the rest of your stream of posts. There is one related issue we're still working on fixing, which is that in the context of a stream (the "All News" or "My News" tabs when you're browsing the site, e.g.) we still use the "Show More" mechanism so no single lengthy post hijacks the entire page, but there's a quirk where if you expand the Show More to view the whole post and then interact with it (either Like it or leave a comment), the Message will truncate again back to the "Show More" state. That shouldn't happen / it's pretty jarring -- so we'll working on making the Message stay unfurled once a member has expressly indicated they want to read the whole thing

Other CMS / posting improvements are in the works too; I'll follow up with a list of upcoming features and a poll about what else / what areas are most important to you in the Message department: stay tuned.


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