Re: Creator Spotlight AKA Creators Circle


Thanks Richard!!

You're right about the badge and the related goal -- as opposed to the main Recurrency badges that can be used to promote your profile & fundraising in general, the Creators' Corner / Featured Creator badges would be more like the equivalent of the "JD Power" seal of approval / signature of quality type of thing. Probably a static graphic we'd provide vs. an embed code (but good arguments for either way).

And to your point about the Discover page as it currently stands -- I am in 100% agreement that it needs some work both to clarify what the logic *is* that both gets you onto this page and in what order, as well as some better methods of carving out a "Even Moar Special" area for creators being editorially featured (right now we have one slot but it's still in QA). This page right now represents a "Minimum Viable Product" that will evolve and improve over time -- for now, it gives us at least a quick and dirty way to show off some of the best stuff happening. I will follow up here when I can share some more clarity on how we're changing the logic of the order and inclusion on the page.

As for selecting who the Featured / Spotlight creators are -- here again for reasons of bandwidth I think we need to start with an "MVP" that is predominantly an "editorial" selection by the Creators Team, that will eventually afford to get more egalitarian / democratic with community nominations and voting. But imo better to start somewhere more quickly and then build into what we need.

Lastly -- no offense taken re: "standard 5 Q&A" vs. "individually tailored" question! We welcome the feedback and hope everyone will consider this a "safe space" where it's not out of line to state a contrarian opinion or even tell us what we're doing wrong / in just how many ways our emperors have no clothes ;) We've gotta be humble and make a lot of mistakes on the way to getting things right, so we also appreciate your (and everyone's) patience with our scrappy startuppy ways :) And I agree with you that it's hard to shake the appeal of individually-tailored questions -- maybe it's more like 1-2 of the questions are standard/global b/c we really are curious about what everyone's inspiration is and how they got into their nutshells, but beyond that it's more specific to each individual Featured Creator, their genre, history, accomplishments, etc.

Thanks again for your feedback and we'll keep on pushing all these boulders up their respective hills!! Excelsior!! :D


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