Tiers and rewards coming soon: a tiny simple poll... #upcoming


Hey folks!

We're working on adding a new featureset around tiers and rewards -- I'm sure the vast majority of you are familiar with the general concept:

  • Tiers: sets a support threshold at which folks who support you become eligible for a set of benefits, aka rewards
  • Rewards: the benefits that a supporter gets in each tier

Wanted to loop y'all in to plant a seed around brainstorming potential offerings you might want to give supporters as an incentive for supporting you. Sky is the literal limit in terms of creative approaches to this, and we'll be working on getting some guidelines/best practices/case studies to share as we all get up to speed. In the meantime, here is the word's shortest (well, maybe...) poll with a couple of relevant questions about how this will work -- for folks who have the time to take a few moments and provide input, we'll surely make use of it! There's a sneak preview screencap of the back end interface (in progress) at the link below as well for the product-curious. Thanks -- and as always, feel free to drop feedback right into this thread as well.

2-question poll on how rewards/tiers should work on Recurrency:


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