Re: Creator Spotlight AKA Creators Circle


Hello, Barb! Always nice to see your creative juices flowing. Okay so if I understand right you basically are wanting to create ad banner of sorts that creators like me or anyone can post on there social networks and websites and such to essentially just show their status on Recurrncey, correct? If that's the case code wise it would look something like

 <a href=""><img src="YOUR IMAGE HERE" height="300" width="600" alt="recurrency badge of honor" target="_blank">

or am I mistaken on what the goal here is?

Okay so initially I like the discovery page as a whole. But I guess Im not sure how people will be chosen for a spot on this page. I know you stated previously there are some logic issues, perhaps I can help if you fill me in. Id sure give it all I got to try anyway.

In regards to the Questions no I don't think they should be a set or standard set of questions. I mean if you were an interviewer for say a potential employee you wouldn't always stick to a script. Sure there are a few questions that might always come up like availability and so on but a lot of times as your speaking with a person you get a sense of them and decide or ask questions that you feel are important based off your instinct of the individual. That in Mind I believe and feel the board should be the ones to decide what questions to ask based on the person(s) being reviewed and voted for by their peers, and contributors.

Please I mean no offense by any of what is about to come next so please do not take it as being rude or aggressive because that is in no way my intent,  I just want to make a point.

No one individual creators or not are not the same and to group them into a category for the same questions is kind of demeaning as a creator myself. I am not like anyone else and I totally have started my business on less that $100.00 and an idea of my own money and have now a team of 10 in my employ which none of are paid a dime as of yet. That takes a certain degree of charisma and the ability to inspire others to greatness. Any one of the people in this group can look at my website or Recurrency page and see we are growing and the fact that we only currently have 3 donations coming in at the moment and are still seeing the successes we have. If anyone else did that Id have very specific questions for them and even those that have not yet done that Id still have very specific questions for them but they would certainly be different from a guy that say invested 10K to start.

Moving on in regards the the Creator's Circle I did not see anything about a board being established to evaluate nominees or how people will be nominated for a spot on the creators circle. Also based on the discovery page I kind of feel like there are way too many, creators being listed there. These slots should be coveted and held as a kind of a grand prize for winning the Kentucky Derby or the Indy 500. Also I was under the impression that a person would be featured on the home page for a day then the next person chosen by the board would be the person featured on the home page and so and so on. Am I wrong in my thinking? I mean that is how I proposed it and envisioned so I'm not sure where I went askew.

As always its been a blast working with you all and you all motivate me so much. Thanks for the honor of being a part of this amazing group!

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