Re: Creator Spotlight AKA Creators Circle


Following up on this front much belatedly:

Not to put words in Mr. Gray's mouth, but to your question Richard I believe that's exactly the intent (offer the badge to display not just on one's Recurrency profile but beyond / wherever good creations are being made and promoted -- for the purpose of adding legitimacy / validation). That's a piece in progress along with the special "Featured" profile as chicken scratched out earlier in this thread -- but what's further along as to be actually launched is a v.1 of a "Creator Discovery" page:

Right now the logic that orders this page isn't quite the way we'd like it -- so I'm holding off on posting this explicitly to the #newfeatures hashtag until I can get it updated by "all recent activity." There's also still some work being done on completing the "Featured Creator" / Creator's Corner slot that my team can use for the purposes of the O.P. -- basically we will have a way to add a "Featured" banner to the first slot and send visitors over to the special profile with Q&A. I am a little bit torn on whether to go with a sort of franchise approach where we always ask the same 5 standard questions (so there's a basis for interesting comparison across a wide range of genres and mediums, etc.) vs. mixing it up / tailoring a set of short questions for individually selected creators. Richard and anyone else who has any thoughts on this front -- any preferences? Also tossing in a few draft questions that could fit the bill on the franchise version of this, would love any feedback / alt suggestions / additional ideas here too...

  1. What inspires you to create?
  2. How did you cultivate your craft: professional study? Self-taught? Fell down an unexpected rabbit hole somewhere along the path to Other Things? All of the above?
  3. Who are some of your greatest influences?
  4. How do you tune out distractions and get into the "Creative Zone"?
  5. What advice would you give to someone on the fence about choosing to pursue the Creative Life?


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