Re: Groups


I love the concept -- and to some (very) small degree, this inner circle is sort of intended to be (or become, as we add more engaged members) the so-called MVP / Minimum Viable Product for that kind of networking. We're obviously not there yet -- but the sort of "inner circle LinkedIn" effect that helps folks connect with like-minded other creators and businesses is something I'd love for us to be able to provide more of (but even LinkedIn itself lacks a lot of formal tools around *actually* putting people together -- it's still all DIY at the tactical level. So there's a big general "problem for someone to solve" hanging out there for sure).

There's also the challenge for us to remain focused in the face of boiling a proverbial ocean, so to speak, and I feel like one of the struggles we're having perhaps even more pressingly is "How can we help you get more Supporters?" Is it a matter of getting out in front of more of them more often (promotion, mailing lists, engagement), or convincing more of the fence-sitters / "thinking about it" folks to take the leap, or in getting more fans in the first place (who might later become supporters) -- i.e. the marketing angle, or is it more about giving you more tools to offer more value to supporters in the first place? Like, beyond the "feel good" effect of contributing to you and your growth, how else can we provide tangible benefits or access that makes the "why" of supporting you more self-evident?

Would love your thoughts on that front (and whether or not you're hearing any feedback from fans on why they would / wouldn't want to support) -- and absolutely eager for anyone else's thoughts along the same vein if the spirit moves you...

Thanks Richard!! Really good food for thought.


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