Re: Creator Spotlight AKA Creators Circle


Awe thank you for the kind suggestion that I might make the Creators Circle some day! lol Also your kind words in the testimonial are humbling thank you.

Seriously as a first draft and getting the concept in place it looks good. In terms of a nadge or something how do you feel about a miss USA type of thing from the bottom left corner to the top right corner of the users image? Not sure how well it will work with some images it could cover the user up, any way was just a thought.  I also feel like the creators brand if the have one should be represented as in the case of the example you used the WarCraft Press logo should be there somewhere.

I absolutely love the peer testimonials! Id say for that keep it to the most recent 3 submitted. However that means when a creator is selected we will need an algorithm that will pull those from their standard profile.

Another thing I thought was Awwwwsome was the Creator Q & A. And while I like the email asking questions, who decides what to ask? Are questions determined by the selection panel? What happens if someone don't submit their responses in a timely manner? I'm not trying to rain on your parade Im just think out loud, kind of more like thinking on the keyboard, lol. But the idea is faaabulooouuss!

In order for it to fit on the home page I think we might have to scale it back not only in what is content included but sizing as well. Which brings the question have you decided to keep a section of the site for creators circle members? Perhaps a place where all of this content is available for all creators circle members? I like the idea of that and I also like the idea of doing it in such a way that it looks like a timeline. I'm not sure how other we would keep the page scrolling into infinite space but a thought might be to do something like Facebook where each month collapses to the month as the month passes then as the year passes it collapses like an accordion styling maybe. Just a thought.

As for the images your talking about I host all mine on Imgur just to save server resources. 

All in all Id say this project is well on its way! I'm so excited i feel like a little kid waiting for Santa Clause to show up! I would like to thanks you all again for welcoming me into your family of creators. Im truly having a blast.

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