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I want to say thanks for the feedback and the questions on this creators Circle idea. And I will start by saying when I envision the creators circle I see it as spot on the home page for Recurrency. For the sake of being noriced by fellow creators and donors it should be above the fold and prominent, standing out! I also believe that it should function like this example for the sake of the example Ill use myself..

WarCraft Press was chosen to be among the creator circle for the month of June. But so was 29 other creators. So, the way I see it in my head is each day of the month there is a new creator circle creator each day my day might fall on the 17th or maybe the 3rd, either way a creator would hold the coveted spot for a day. I think limiting the features slot to 30 people will help motivate creators to do more. After all with the way I envision this feature its a reward not a right or an expectation.

To answer your question yes I think there should be a link on the featured creator to their direct Recurrency profile as well as to some of their social media profiles and if they have a website it should certainly be added. I also have to say I agree there should be a badge of honor of some sort to the creators that helps them to stand out above the rest. I also think that the panel should in fact disclose why the selected creator was chosen in the Creators circle section. Doing this will encourage other creators to replicate them, thus bringing better and more creator content to the world!

Yes in order to keep previously selected winners from getting one of the coveted 30 spots there should be a way for tracking that and preventing someone from being in the circle fro 2 months in a row or even 2 times in a year. Based on that alone there would be 365 coveted spots available each year. so if you were to write an algorithm or equation it would look something like this. if x represents the creator chosen. Please note I'm not a mathematician but here goes if x is = J, or F, or M, or A, or M, or J, or J, or A, or S, or O, or N, or D then x X=0; 0 meaning unavailable for a period of 365 days from the date of selection.

As for a link from the Creators Circle feature on the home page there should be links in that section to social media venues such those I described in the original post about the Creators circle. I also think that there should be a link on the menu of the site that takes people to the "Creators Circle" that shows a list of previously chosen creators. I think they should be added to this page as they are featured on the home page. In a list kind of format that shows their name, their niche or field of expertise, as well as the date they were featured and a link to their Recurrency profile.

I hope this helps! And your more than welcome to contact me directly via phone or email.

Richard Bishop



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