Re: Creator Spotlight AKA Creators Circle


First of all -- wow, I love this!! Especially the real life example content found in Michael Gray's Accomplishments section! ;) #GrowThatBeard

Have been cogitating on some sort of "Creator Carousel" or featured highlight section for some time but hadn't ever thought to add a voting component to it -- great idea. Some initial feedback:

  • agree re: "no pay to play" -- this feels grossĀ 
  • i like the idea of having to be a creator for 30 days before being eligible -- rewards the more invested members vs. potential "Johnny Come Lately"s
  • interesting question on the "$X in gifts" requirement -- maybe this is really about creating some different "tiers" for spotlighting different kinds of folks: it would be cool to recognize things like "most engaged" creators (maybe by # of comments, # of Messages created, etc.), "fastest growing," "best local organizer," etc. in addition to more traditional kind of "leaderboard metrics"
  • love the idea of peer nominations and panel review process -- this is really cool
  • also love the "set a time limit" idea so creators know what kind of window they have to take advantage of the extra promotion opportunity, and there is always fresh talent on deck to be recognized.

It's worth mentioning that this Creator promotion / carousel / highlight concept is itself a part of a larger goalset around creator discovery and making ourselves more useful in terms of directing prospective supporters your way -- and I see the solution overall as a mix of

1. editorial curation -- the Creators Team and other Recurrency staff identify top creators to feature for a broad variety of reasons
2. peer voting / ranking -- a la many of your ideas above
3. automation -- letting exceptional creators bubble to the surface based on activity, attention, funds raised, and other metrics we can measure and algorithms we can come up with
4. directory creation -- via tagging and other mechanisms, give supporters a way to search and browse for creators in specific roles, genres, locations, etc.

To move this forward -- first of all, completely welcome feedback and ideas from anyone else if the spirit moves you along the way -- I will noodle a bit on the nominations and panel process on the hunch that it may fit in with another area I'm working on speccing out already which is "Groups" (i.e. ability to self-assemble into projects managed by multiple creators). Richard -- I would ask you specifically about where exactly you would want to see the results of the Creators Circle process: is it a big featured block on the home page that cycles through a set of creators and links you off to individual URLs? Is it a whole section to itself where we're actually tracking and keeping all the historical versions of the winners from each round? Ooh -- it would be super cool to have some kind of badge or other icon you could add to your profile that denotes "was chosen as a Top Featured Creator" in June 2015 or similar. If we do the peer voting / panel thing, does the panel want a space to add some comments on why they voted for this particular creator? And/or what does the URL that the carousel links to point to: just the Creator profile page? Or a special page that maybe has some additional bells and whistles that only featured winners can take advantage of? Food for thought...

Thanks huge for putting these thoughts together. Really helps us build a product people actually want to use (imagine that!) :)

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