Badges version 1 released #newfeatures


Our v.1 of donation badges for embedding on your site, Tumblr, blog, etc. are out -- for now you have 2 ways to customize them:

  1. Light (white) or dark (red)
  2. "Support me" or "Support us" terminology

You can access these from the main dropdown menu at the upper right -- there's a new option for Badges that will take you to this page where you can toggle those 2 options and copy the embed code:

Coming next:

  • more customization options: most notably by size for including at the ends of blog posts, in banner-like areas vs. sidebars, etc. (what else is important to you that we customize -- let us know!)
  • data display: # of supporters, $ per week, etc.
  • exploring option to allow fans to "donate inline" -- i.e.right from the badge without having to leave wherever it's embedded. Let us know if that's something that interests you...

Feedback requested:

  • Anyone have trouble with using the badges because their platform strips out <script> tags? Let us know...
  • Requests for additional / alternative badge language
  • Requests for specific sizes or aspect ratios


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