Re: Millennial Mom buying habits and how it affects you


Correction. I said Newsweek. Obviously, it’s Adweek. Not enough coffee yet.


On May 8, 2015 at 12:32:31 PM, Gray (mike@...) wrote:

Hello, creators, thinkers, and shadowy cabal of eliteness,

I saw this article from Newsweek, and thought it might be useful to some of you (since it has actual data, and who doesn’t love a good slice of data?). I’m as burned out on hearing about “millennials” as if they’re some kind of bizarre new species of human, but I think the info is pretty good.

Summary: 8 in 10 Milennial Moms (MM) use their phone while shopping. About half “showroom.” Their criteria in purchases is mostly (in order): Safety, Convenience, good value, good reviews, simplicity, recommendations.. What media do MMs consume? Smartphone, TV, desktop, and then streaming radio (in order.)

While none of this data is exactly new to us savvy inter-web types, it does reinforce a handful of things for me. 

- Your website should be mobile-friendly.
- Our Recurrency profile is a solid way to knock out all the criteria: Safety (secure transactions), Convenience (setup once, walk away), good value (creators are awesome), good reviews (since every gift has a review), simplicity (see convenience), and recommendations (same as good reviews). Because of the way Recurrency works — asking for the why someone is supporting — I get more “buzz” and automatic reviews than I might otherwise.
- Since Smartphones, desktop, and streaming are so popular, providing our content in accessible ways, and letting our audience know we’re easily accessible in an on-demand way, is a key to growing the audience. I guess I was surprised email didn’t score higher, but that might be because the pollers just looked at media device rather than platform/channel.

I do wish they’d used a control group for comparison (non-moms?) but the results feel like they’d be pretty much the same across the board.. What do you guys think?


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