Re: Coming soon: improvements to Message posting #upcoming


Thanks Victor! And in so doing you discovered a feature we just rolled out, which is the ability to "pin" a message to the top of your profile (for an important upcoming event, notice you want everyone to see, an interim "about" section for what you're doing in this space, etc.) -- there's a checkbox at the bottom of the New Message screen when you compose one and the result looks like this:

We're going to be focusing some more fire on better documentation of existing and new features in the coming weeks -- some of which will warrant Message updates and others to live in the Wiki area which is a bit haphazard at the moment but also has some infobits perhaps worth taking a look at (or contributing your own... "power of the wiki" and all) as we get it curated / gardened into a more useful state. (And if anyone has requests on bits that are specifically unclear, let us know...)

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