Re: Badges version 1 released #newfeatures


I somewhat have a preference for “Leaderboard style — for inclusion in site header or footer” as a priority, based on my experience that the 728x90 spot generally gets better click through rates. (When it’s at the top, anyway.) 

And leaderboards are about the most common IAB ad type on the exchanges, so if one of us got frisky and wanted to advertise our Recurrency badge, we could do so pretty easily.

(Squares often look better, but then you get in the Mortal Kombaaaaat of whether it’s a med req, large req, skyscraper, or some other size — Google’s pushing 336 right now, for some reason — and you never know what the inventory will be like. That drives costs up.)

Sooo…. leaderboard is nice and versatile, but that’s my opinion.


On April 29, 2015 at 5:25:06 PM, Barb D (barb@...) wrote:

  1. Leaderboard style — for inclusion in site header or footer

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