Re: Badges version 1 released #newfeatures


Lol — if you cast a vote, don’t vote by number! ;) Fun with cut and pasting lists and interpreting ordinality...

On April 29, 2015 at 2:22:49 PM, Barb D (barb@...) wrote:

Awesome, thanks Victor -- FWIW we did have image-based versions in the "possibility sphere" and could definitely prioritize that for v.2 if there's demand for it (if your platform strips out script tags or overrides CSS, etc.). I also owe you Richard a follow-up (if you're out there in email land listening... /waves) too as one of the early requesters for "Badges v.2" -- here's the basic draft list I have so far which I'll need to priortize/winnow down and spec out a few of these more fully:

Badges v.2

  1. In-post badges (for blogs, Tumblr, etc.)
    1. Header / footer style
    2. Inline square style for L or R-justified inclusion
  2. Leaderboard style — for inclusion in site header or footer
  3. Additional sidebar styles
    1. Simple image-based version w/o script tags
    2. Square-shaped
    3. Customizable colors
    4. Customizable language
    5. Dynamic: display supporter count, monthly donations, etc.
  4. Dedicated landing page or support area styles
    1. Display linked scrolling list of all your subscribers (nice promo benefit for supporters / another incentive for them to sign on)
    2. Testimonials loop — version that displays a stream of your supporter testimonials (insta-marketing!)

So that's a laundry list of sorts and probably not worth tossing into a formal poll at this point, but if anyone has votes, feedback, or additional requests to add to that list, please reply inline! Thanks!!

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